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October in a Nut Shell

It’s been awhile! I had sweet post all typed out but then my browser crashed and it’s all left me. Such is life. Instead you can decipher the month through images and some short captions. As a family we experienced a lot this month: our awesome cousin for 10 wonderful days, 4 days apart which was very difficult now that Rufus is older, watching our beloved mother passing away before our eyes*, and a wonderful magical time dressed up all together.

* I sat here for 15 minutes staring at my screen and trying to find words for this, but I don’t have a lot. Kate was a force of nature whom I loved tenderly. We were able to spend the last few days with her and it was heartbreaking and comforting at the same time. She suffered for so long that the end seemed almost anticlimactic, but it happened.

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