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It’s Been 2 Years Since My Last Confession

Oi. I’ve not updated this in years – 2 of them! I can’t possibly catch you up on the last TWO YEARS but I can get you from January 2018 to today, more or less.


We got this dog and named him Lou. He’s the best dog in the world. We thought he was a puppy for the first few months but found out he’s actually 7 years old which explains the arthritic hips, poor bubs. Likes to sleep, sleep on you, snore on you, snore while not asleep, and get pets. Will also go along on walks and play with toys but mostly just cuddles.


My view from the window


We went to Yosemite and it was amazing. We stayed at the Awanhee which is chock full of beautiful rugs, furniture, and spaces. We went right after the first big snowstorm of the year – no crowds and it felt so cozy! Sky and Rufus ran around all over the place and sledded and hiked. I caught some terrible sickness that left me holed up in the room for 95% of the trip. BUT the view out of the window was amazing, cuddling next to big fireplaces felt good, they had vegetarian French Onion soup on the room service menu and — let’s face it, I was going to be no matter where I was so it was as good as it could get!


Rufus sick

Rufus looking cherubic (and feverish)

I spent a lot of March recovering from that ickyness, and Rufus and Sky and my mom got sick, too. At least we were doing it as a family and could commiserate. And while having sick almost-5-year-old can be scary and a pain in the ass, it can also be very sweet since they want to cuddle all of the time and sleep a lot.



I got really into make up this last year. I don’t know why or how, really, but it’s been fun. As a working mother it’s hard to feel like you are taking care of yourself and putting on lipstick or whatever makes me feel like I’m doing that.

Rufus & Lou

Hunting for eggs in Mom’s backyard


Easter was fun: we had a celebration in the morning at our house with Jimmy & Diane who were there for Jimmy’s 70th birthday. Next we drove up to visit my mom and did an egg hunt in the backyard. We found out that Lou absolutely loves eating hard-boiled eggs – with or without shells on them. He sniffed them out and dutifully followed Rufus and his basket all over the backyard. My mom’s new place is a perfect fit for her and Rufus LOVES VISITING HER. They spend weekends together having tea parties, going to the park, and just generally loving each other up.

Make Social Learning Stick

One of the approx. 29,303 Autism resources I’ve explored


Hey look! It’s one of the many books I’ve read, borrowed, bought, ignored, or skimmed in the last 6 months. We found out Rufus has ASD (Autism) in November and since then we’ve been making many adjustments and learning a lot. LEARNING A LOT. I had no idea how much there was to learn, or that there was a way to learn so much but still feel completely in the dark about something. He’s in a lovely Oakland Unified School District preschool for half of the day, has a wonderful Special Ed teacher, gets to ride the short bus (which he loves), and have started ABA Therapy. More than anything, the diagnosis was a relief to me. I thought we were just crummy parents or that Rufus was just a little bit of a sociopath, but once we learned the causes it was like someone had given me a key. We’ve changed a lot about our routine, the way we talk about things, and well — really we’ve changed almost everything in our day to day doings.


Rufus making pizza

While his social skills and Executive Functioning are difficult areas for Rufus, there are so many  more areas that are super fun and interesting. He’s very close to reading and loves us sounding out signs with him. Lately he’ll call out long strings of letters, asking “What does ‘M’ ‘O’ ‘G’ ‘U’ ‘H’ ‘B’ ‘X’ spell?” He loves helping me bake, helps to cook meals, and still loves helping Sky with projects. He’s very into Transformers and has a really vivid and ever-present imagination. He pretends to be a Woodland Creature (our closest guess is a cross between a small rabbit and a fairy), a cat, a lizard, and some other creatures that all have names and very specific backgrounds. He likes to watch movies with us now (before he hated having the sound turned on and would only watch things on mute), and also loves to sit and listen to music or stories.



Did I mention how cute Lou is? He is.


Unicorn Pool


We are ready for summer. Rufus used our new pool in 61° weather this last weekend. We’re very excited as this heralds the days of sitting on the deck, eating hot dogs every night, and using the icee machine to make juice slushies constantly.


Rufus Graduation


I used to think all of these graduations (preschool, 1st grade, 2nd grade, etc.) were silly. I only had one graduation and it was from High School! But then you get the photos from school picture day and see that they put your little baby in a cap and gown and *BAM!* it suddenly hits me that of course we have all of these different graduations and rites of passage because otherwise this time would slip by in 3 seconds and you’d find yourself with an 18 year old. Which will still happen, but documenting these growing up moments helps me slow it down.

Sky did all kinds of amazing things to our house! I will put up some photos of that soon. Hopefully before May 2020. For now let me just document that we traded a Queen bed for a King bed with a big fancy headboard and it’s been life changing. I sleep so well and there’s so much room and it just makes sleeping feel so much more restorative. Also when you lie in this bed with the covers over your body you look and feel like a little elf due to the size.




I’ll leave you with a photo of my whole heart who runs around all day without me and is big enough to ride a bus. Still angelic faced, but now with some mischief thrown in.♥



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