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House Update

 Our ficus triangularis is thriving in this corner – lots of light that move throughout the day so it’s not beating down on her. Those red roses are just a few from the two crazy, overgrown bushes we have on the sides of the house. When we bought the house a year ago we didn’t see any roses – the only flowering/fruiting thing was the small loquat tree in the front yard with just a couple of fruits.
This spring, however, it’s a jungle. The loquat tree in front has tons of fruit, there’s also a lovely white rose bush in the front, the two red rose bushes on the side of the yard, and the two trees in the back yard that we were pretty sure were half-dead are huge. One is another loquat and the other is a massive plum tree that has tons of fruit ripening. We couldn’t see it at first because the plums are so green and blend in so well with the leaves, but Rufus pointed them out a few weeks ago. Along with the nasturtium we planted, our 3 lemon trees, the hydrangeas and some poppies, we’ve got a sweet blooming yard. We also have about 10 potted cactus of varying ages that Sky bought from the going-out-of-business nursery last fall: one is over 90 years old and many of them are in original Mexican pots from the 50s. I always thought having a yard would be a lot of work, but if you like it overgrown and wild like we do, it’s pretty painless!
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