About Us


This blog is about what many, many other blogs are about: renovations, toddlers, jobs, fashion, and cats. Hopefully there’s still something left to be said on the Internet!

I (Jen) am a public librarian and Sky is an architect and all around thing-maker and designer. We live in Oakland with our 2 year old Rufus. 99% of you reading this know us, so there’s little mystery here. We might get a dog? We will definitely redo the bathroom. And the kitchen. And the other bathroom. So there are some surprises in store.


So…what’s a Jennyopolis?

It’s the name of a doomed small town in Oregon. One day I was shelving books in the Salem Public Library, when I happened upon a small, local press book¹ which listed all manner of townships and settlements in Oregon. Curious, I did what anyone would do when faced with an alphabetically arranged collection of articles: I looked for my name. I was rewarded with this entry:

JENNYOPOLIS, Benton County
This was an early-day post office south of the present Corvallis. It was established March 24, 1852 with Richard Irwin first postmaster. It was discontinued April 18, 1857. Such a name would be a handicap to any community.

¹ Lewis A. McArthur & Lewis L. McArthur (2003) Oregon Geographic Names, 7th Edition. Portland, Oregon: Oregon Historical Society.