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A brand new year

So far in 2016 we’ve put some money into making ourselves feel good in very everyday ways. After making endless rounds of coffee for large groups with our small French Press and pour-over, I asked why we never thought to get a coffeemaker. Sky didn’t know either. It was like we woke up one day and realized we were adults who could buy candy and/or a nice machine to make us coffee in the morning. Next I found a lovely warm duvet and linen cover that made our bed feel heavenly. Add in some slippers and a visit to a fancy cotton shop for towels and I’d say we’ve caught up with our age as far as having Grown Up Quality Things. Somehow starting this year with all of this commercialism doesn’t bug me. I see it more as outfitting ourselves for battle. Making our home as comfy and luxurious as we can so that we have someone welcoming when we come to rest.

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