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You guys. I’ve been so, so awful at blogging on this damned thing. I apologize. I’m working on a new library site on WordPress so the last thing I feel like doing when I’m not working is to fire up WordPress.

So what’s been happening? Rufus has been becoming so much more of a person! He had a couple weeks of bad sleeping and then came out the other side with all sorts of new phrases and facial expressions and body language. It’s just such a trip seeing these parts of his personality take shape. Like many well-intentioned parents, I planned to write down all of the cute things he says but like many well-intentioned parents, I did not. He changes so much from day to day that trying to capture it seems pointless and even antithetical. That said, here are some things I can recall off the top of my head:

– His vocabulary is just crazy – I still feel like I didn’t talk to him much or enough when he was a little guy just because I’m pretty introverted in my natural habitat, but still he’s learned a lot of words and it still floors me on a regular basis. Today he was pointing to things in the room saying “That’s wood. That’s made of plastic. This over here is metal so I can stick a magnet on it!” Dude? Did I talk like that when I was so short?

– He is not short. He is growing out of pants at an alarming rate. I have to remind some adults and other kids that he’s not even 3 yet because they think he’s older based on size and expect different things from him

– He’s been asking us to say certain words so he can hear how they are said (even words he’s been saying correctly for a long time) — and he likes to hear different people say them. “Mama, say ‘tiny spoon.” “Papa, can you say “doggie” for me?”

– He’s been a super mama’s boy for the last couple of months. Sometimes he will screech like an owl if Sky even comes into his room and he’s expecting me. PAPA YOU GO AWAY. It’s way charming as you can imagine. But we are getting along and having a lot of conversations about how mama can be loving Rufus with papa in the room, too.

– His favorite book right now is Old Robert and the Sea-Silly Cats, a totally charming and ridiculous book that I brought home on a whim.

My mom moved to an apartment just a couple of blocks away from our house back in November. It’s been absolutely amazing having her so close. Selfishly because I get to see her, but also because she’s been able to build a really sweet and constant relationship with Rufus. She has him over to her place or comes to stay with him at ours a few times a week and he’s crazy about her.

Speaking of ladies that Rufus is crazy about (and I am, too) – Jaime has moved to a kickass apartment that’s just 5 minutes drive away from us! She’s within walking distance to my two favorite pizza places AND a movie theater. Rufus is also in love with her and her stuffed animal manatees.

OK I’m out of writing juice. I’ll just fill the rest of this post with cute pictures. Easy peasy.

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