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Made it before another year!

I can’t say that this blog has been consistent, but it perseveres.

What’s new in our world? Not a lot, to be honest. We continue to navigate the waters of Autism and ADHD with Rufus, trying our best to support him and make life as easy as it can be. He’s almost done with his first year of school – Kindergarten has been a wild ride! Luckily he’s at a fantastic public school with the resources to keep him active and participating in a “regular” classroom.

Sky took his California licensing exam so he’s now 100% officially an architect in both Washington and California. His business has been doing well and he’s happy to be working from home and with such flexibility.

Mom is well settled in Petaluma, living in a little house with a room just for Rufus, and attending memoir classes, Tai Chi, and art shows with friends. We’re coming up on 4 years since my dad’s death and it seems like she’s been on her own so much longer than that (in a positive way).

We’ve all been down with bronchitis for weeks, but still had a great Spring Break trip down in Southern California. We went to LEGOLand which blew our minds (so full of people using wheelchairs, autistic employees, everyone having fun) and got to finally meet our new niece Camilla.

And this is why I don’t update often anymore. Life is banal. Lucky, privileged, comfortable, sometimes frustrating, but overall good and trucking along. I can’t complain.

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