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(Photo: Zemke and I, 2000?, Tonga Room, not on the list)

I got my MacBook Pro back from the Apple store after having the battery replaced – it had started to expand in a worrisome way (though the trackpad). I’ve had this laptop since 2010 though it still feels pretty new. I don’t use it often, mostly for looking through the gazillion photos I have on iPhoto. And for storing all of the random bits of information I’m dragging around with me like a dirty and soggy binary scarf. Damn, that was poetic.

Amongst the flotsam I found some files I kept non-public on a server – most were totally random or boring, but I did find a list of people I’d kissed that I kept up rather well. I’m pretty sure it’s 100% accurate. Do you think I can add Rufus to the end to make it 21? Twenty one sounds more dangerous than twenty. And this is a kiss list. Some numbers were one kiss wonders. I had years attached to the original, but a lady has to keep some of her secrets. I’ve also removed last names except for the 1st and last, because that shit’s iconic, right?

  1. Travis Hurdlow
  2. John in Alaska
  3. John
  4. Mark
  5. boy @ State Speech & Debate tournament
  6. Christopher
  7. Matt @ Lewis & Clark College
  8. Gabe
  9. David
  10. John
  11. Adam from Albuquerque
  12. Simon
  13. Frank
  14. Raphael
  15. Nick
  16. Doug
  17. L.A dude from MySpace
  18. Casey
  19. Rob
  20. Sky Lanigan (ad nauseum)
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