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I’m starting a blog again, for (I think) the 3rd-and-a-half time. First there was the blog that was really just my writing diary entries on the front of my website for a year or two before I found magical Blogger (1998-2000). Then there was the cleverly named “Snoop Bloggy Blog” (2000-2004) which was largely an account of my living and working in London and returning to San Francisco. Then grad school and dalliances with Livejournal got in the way and I took a long break. The last blog was the longest (2006-2013), covering 6 years in Seattle and some anemically chronicled time down here in the Bay Area. Then I had a baby and *BOOM* no more. Which is frustrating because of all the times you’d want to be able to look back on

But what’s done or not done is done. I’d like to start up again because a) I enjoy the process of writing things out and b) I want to better document our lives the way they are right now. I doubt many former readers have followed me through this gap, but maybe I’ll find some new ones who know me personally, which could be even more fun, right?

I was lazy and didn’t renew my domain I’d kept for the last 10 years or so — — but that’s okay. I was sad to see I’d lost all of those years of entries. But then I wasn’t. Clean slate and all of that. Besides, I’d always fantasized about moving to this domain since it’s got a cute little story.

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